Common Areas Often Overlooked When Selecting a CCTV System

Looking for the best CCTV system in Singapore? If so, you are at the right place. During their inception, CCTV systems were largely thought off as being best for large commercial establishments. However as their more and more people become aware of the importance of security systems, CCTV systems are being increasingly adopted in not only small establishments but also domestic settings. However, the problem usually comes in during the selection phase since there are quite a number of factors that have to be considered so as to come up with a system that is best cut-out for a specific setting. The following is an overview on some tips that might come in handy when selecting a CCTV system

CCTV System

Cheap can be expensive

When it comes to security systems especially CCTV systems, cheap can be expensive and more often than not this sadly ends up being true. There are different varieties of CCTV surveillance equipment with some being from top manufacturers while others from generic manufacturers. With generic products, there is no guarantee as to the reliability of a product be it a camera or DVR. Most of these systems especially cameras tend to fail within a short period of time leaving one susceptible to security threats. As such, it is usually advisable to go for good quality entry level systems from reliable manufacturers which tend to cost less as opposed to going for generic products. However, this does not mean that all generic CCTV products are knock offs, there are some with good quality but the problem usually emerges when determining whether a generic product is good or not.


This is perhaps one of the most important factors that one has to consider when purchasing a CCTV system. Like any other electronic component, CCTV systems usually have some form of warranty. As a norm, CCTV components such as cameras tend to be more susceptible to failure due to the environment in which they operate: some are exposed to weather elements. As a rule of thumb, you should ensure that the CCTV system has at least a 1 year warranty so as to shield yourself from any eventualities that might occur.

CCTV System

Self installation or professional installation ?

Thanks to modern technology and simplistic design, CCTV systems have become more user friendly and as such, some of the systems can be easily installed by users. Users have the option of either installing the system themselves or seeking the services of a professional. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should take on the challenge of installing the system on your own especially if you do not have some technical knowledge. For small home systems made up of one to four cameras, self-installation can be a viable option. However, the DVR still has to be setup by a professional before the installation: this can be easily done by the dealer/seller. For larger establishments, it is generally recommended to acquire the services of a professional since there is most likely going to be extensive installation of wiring and the setup will also include a wide range of cameras that have to be configured correctly on the server.

Camera type

This is another sensitive area that needs to be addressed when selecting the best CCTV surveillance system in Singapore. When it comes to CCTV cameras, there are different types of cameras from which one can make a selection and as a norm these cameras vary in terms of cost. The 3 major types of cameras include analogue, HD cameras and IP based cameras. IP based and HD cameras are the latest in the market and have the advantage of having far more advanced features when compared to conventional analogue cameras. Some of the features that are incorporated within these cameras include infrared capability whereby the cameras can work in low light conditions and also vandal proof features that protect the cameras from vandalism. The CCTV cameras are also sub-divided into other categories with some of the most notable being the dome camera which has the capability to swivel over a wide angle range and also bullet cameras that are usually enclosed in a protective casing to protect the camera from dust and weather elements and are ideal for long distance viewing. As a rule, you should always select a camera based on the location of use, viewing angle and most importantly resolution. You should also consider its IR capability if you intend to use the camera in dark areas

CCTV System

Support lighting

This is an area that is often overlooked by most individuals when setting up a CCTV surveillance system. To be able to function optimally, a CCTV system will require some form of lighting especially if it is to be used during the night. So how do you set up support lighting for a CCTV system? As a rule, you should always consider the area in which a camera is facing. This area should be well illuminated so as to ensure the camera captures everything that occurs within this particular area. The intensity of the illumination will largely depend on the camera being used. For instance if you are using a day/night or IR camera, the amount of illumination need not be excessive and as such a low intensity light bulb can suffice in such a scenario. However for other types of cameras, you will have to ensure there is sufficient illumination: be it natural light or artificial light


At the end of the day you most likely have a budget and chances are high that you would like to stick within your budget. There are different CCTV surveillance systems that can fit different budgets and as a norm, most people combine different types of cameras within a CCTV system so as to meet your budget. However it is important that you go for a quality system so as to get the best possible service and also avoid buyer’s remorse once you purchase the system. For you to get this, you have to be prepared to be flexible on your budget so as to get the best system possible

By considering the above tips, you are assured of getting the best CCTV system for your establishment

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