6 Most Common CCTV Installation Mistakes To Avoid

With more Singaporeans increasingly becoming concerned about their security each day, installing CCTV has become commonplace in homes, commercial buildings and private properties throughout the country. In fact, lots of Singaporeans have come to realize that a CCTV system is an incredibly important security equipment that can guarantee them maximum security in their homes and business premises. Nevertheless, there are still many Singaporeans who have CCTV systems installed in their homes, yet their systems hardly last for the expected duration of time. Most definitely, this is due to wrong CCTV installation. There are a number of CCTV installation mistakes that lots of people make and which end up compromising on their security as well as the security of their loved ones.

CCTV Installation

Here are 6 most common CCTV installation mistakes that you should avoid if you are thinking of installing a CCTV system in your home or business premises.

1. Using poor quality installation materials

Using poor quality CCTV installation materials will definitely affect your CCTV system in that, it won’t last for the required duration of time. A CCTV system that is put in place using poor quality materials is usually susceptible to premature damages. This will definitely put your security as well as security of your family or business premises under threat. Upon installation, your system should run throughout the entire day devoid of any damage for the required duration of time. Therefore, pick the best CCTV systems supplier and one who has a valid license. Doing this can help guarantee you a quality CCTV system that is best suited to serve you well devoid of any premature damages. However, one of the common CCTV installation mistakes that most Singaporeans do is picking their CCTV systems from any supplier they come across. Unknowingly, they end up with poor quality materials that will definitely not last long. To avoid this common CCTV installation mistake therefore, get your CCTV installation materials from a licensed and reputable supplier.

2. Improper CCTV installation

This common CCTV installation mistake is mostly associated with the CCTV supplier. In most cases, CCTV suppliers are required to offer the expertise for the CCTV installation process. A good supplier should ensure that your CCTV system is installed in such a manner that it can be able to cover the widest area possible. This is quite important because it helps with saving on the cost of purchasing and installing several cameras in an area that would otherwise be covered by a single CCTV system. A common CCTV installation mistake that lots of people do is to do an improper CCTV installation, to the extent that more cameras are required to cover the required area. Another improper CCTV installation mistake is characterized by installing the CCTV system in the wrong places. CCTV systems ought to be installed in some selected areas such as exit and entry points. To avoid this mistake therefore, it is wise to pick the best CCTV installation team to ensure your system is installed properly.

CCTV Installation

3. Installing the CCTV system with outdated technology

This is by far the most common CCTV installation mistake that lots of CCTV installers do. If you pick an inexperienced CCTV installer for your CCTV installation project, they are likely to install your system with out-dated technology thus hindering you from meeting all your surveillance requirements. Of course there will be other CCTV suppliers who will promise to cut on the entire cost of buying and installing your system, only to install you an old system that lacks the most recent surveillance features. Therefore, ensure the supplier offers a system that comes with the latest surveillance features, even if it means paying extra money. That is the surest way you be guaranteed of maximum security once your system has been installed.

4. Installing a CCTV system with poor support

In some instances, your CCTV system can experience a minor break down which you can fix just by following the instructions outlined in the installation manual, even devoid of calling a CCTV installation expert. However, one of the mistakes that most Singaporeans do while installing their CCTV systems is buying systems that don’t come with installation instructions and the relevant documentation illustrating the different parts of the CCTV system. This prevents them from fixing their systems in instances when there are minor problems. To avoid making this CCTV installation mistake, make sure the system you are purchasing has proper support documents outlining how to install your system.

CCTV Installation

5. Picking an installer who is charging high installation costs

The overall cost of installing a CCTV system is one of the most important factors that ought to be considered prior to installing the system. But another mistake that most Singaporeans do when embarking on a CCTV system installation project is hiring an installer who is charging more, thus making the entire project costlier than it is supposed to be. The simplest way to avoid such a mistake is identifying a reputable installer who is in a position to provide you with a quality system at a lower cost. Be wary of the vague suppliers out there, who are known to supply vague systems at costly prices. In that regard, take time when identifying an installer so that you can find a genuine one.

6. Buying the CCTV system from a CCTV supplier with limited options

There are many Singaporeans who buy their CCTV systems from suppliers who only have a single or very limited CCTV options. If you fall into this common pitfall like most people do, you will end up having a system with limited surveillance ability and thus your security will be compromised as a result. Therefore, focus on finding a reputable supplier who is providing as many options as possible when it gets to CCTV systems. That way, you will be able to pick the system that best suits your security needs as well as your financial capabilities. Once you have identified a suitable supplier, ask them to show the different types of CCTV systems that they offer. From there, you can now focus on picking a system that fall within your budget and which is well designed to meet your security needs.


Proper CCTV installation can help enhance your security and most importantly ensure your loved ones and your business premises are not under any security threat. It is thus prudent to avoid these 6 common CCTV installation mistakes alongside others before embarking on your CCTV installation project.

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