Why Hire Us To Supply & Install PABX Phone System?

Having a Private Automatic Branch Exchange, PABX system will help you if you have a large call center as an organization. It can also be suitable for a business that has many numbers, if it is offering the ability to have several lines to callers that are outside the organization, via a single access number. We provide the PABX system that can be used as a default office phone system. There are some specific factors you must put into consideration when you want a professional that will supply and install the PABX system. Here are some reasons why you might want to hire us;

One of the things that you might want to consider when hiring any telecommunication company is the proficiency and the experience in that field. We have been in the field for many years now and we are one of the leading companies that supplies and installs the PABX systems in Singapore.

We also have a team of well trained technicians, who ensure that the system is installed as required. The technicians will use the necessary tools to fix the system and ensure that it is working as expected. One of the things that make a system to fail is the poor installation of that system. Our technicians are equipped with the right skills to successfully set up an office phone system.

We are aware of all the pros and cons of different PABX systems, which is why we are loaded with different brands, that are suitable for the different organizations. Each system will be relevant in different office phone systems and for that, we ensure that every client is supplied with what they prefer most. We are also loaded with top brands that serve you best, without failing.

We have dealt with different brands of PABX systems over the years and for that, we know the most recommended and the least reliable. Before we supply and install the system in your organization, we will give you the top recommendations, so that you can choose which suits you best. We will advise you on the best system to choose, with regard to your preferences. There are some systems that are more suitable in a small organization, while others will fit into a larger organization. The features will generally vary from a system to another, so we offer you with the best selection to choose from.

The PABX system is basically quite complicated and for that, it needs some professionalism when dealing with them. Thanks to our knowledgeable technicians, we ensure that you understand the entire PABX system when you need it in your organization.

The technicians will take you through the installation process and you will know every single bit. They will also help you learn about the basics and the most common troubleshooting. This will help you to be prepared and take good care of your system. You can also ask questions to the technicians, who will gladly respond to you.

We do not just install an office phone system and leave, rather, we ensure that the system is fully functioning. When you order your systems, we will have them delivered and the technicians will take the responsibility of installing them as required. When the installation process is completed, the technicians will confirm that the system is functioning as expected. There are a number of tests that will be carried out, within the organization and from the outside. Some test calls will be made from out of the organization, to ensure that your clients will get to you whenever they need to make a call. No system is set up, without a thorough testing, so you can be sure of having a stable office phone system.

A good PABX system must have all the necessary equipments to successfully set up the system in an organization. We are loaded with all the equipments that are needed to set up the PABX system. We have the hardware and the software that will aid in the installation of the PABX system in your organization.

We are overly receptive, when a client makes an order or request. Anytime you go through our product list, you will decide the office phone system brand that suits you best. Once you make your order, our technical team will set off for your location for the installation. This takes a maximum of around 30 minutes or less, depending on your location. The technicians are also quite quick in setting up your PABX system. You can be sure of having the entire system in the shortest time possible. Generally, you can make your order in the morning and be sure of having the system running perfectly the next morning.

With the high range of products and brands of PABX systems that we have, we ensure that every person gets what suits them best. The prices range from one brand to another, but we offer reasonable prices that will match the quality of the brand. All in all, you will be sure of getting a system that is within your budget.

Once the system has been installed, we do not end it all there, rather, we will check back to confirm that the system is working and that there have not been any defect so far. There is a 5 to 10 minute call made to a client after 2 weeks or one month. We basically call to inquire about the reliability of the system or if the client has experienced any problems so far. In case there is been a problem with the system, or technicians will be sent to your location within 24 hours. In most cases, these services are not charged.

Generally, we are a company that ensures that your office phone system is well installed and that you are supplied with the best quality PABX system. We help our clients understand the PABX system and identify any defects. We deal with highly rated brands of the PABX systems and other selected brands as well. We basically have a product for everyone.

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