10 Importance To Consider When Buying A CCTV System

 Technology has helped to control the crime rate in many ways. One common method is through the use of a surveillance system in the form of CCTVs. Homeowners and business persons are using the CCTVs on their properties to help monitor the area and limit the rate of crime. If you want to purchase a Closed-Circuit TV camera, you will have to look out for some specific features. These features will assure you of a stable unit that can deliver the best performance and also serve you for long enough. That said, here are the top features to look out for in a CCTV camera system.

Buying A CCTV System

1. Low-Light Viewing/Infrared Mode

One major feature of a good CCTV camera is the ability to record and view feeds in low-light environments. Since thieves and other bad guys might try to take advantage of the darkness, the camera should still be able to capture the feeds. Low-light enabled cameras utilize image intensifiers that amplify the visible light to generate a brighter image with visible details. It is a similar technology that night-vision goggles use. However, the low-light cameras might not see clearly where there is total darkness. Here, some cameras will release the near-infrared energy that enhances camera’s effectiveness at night. Ask the dealer about the low-light capability of the camera you want to buy.

2. Motion Sensor

The camera you intend to purchase should also have the motion sensor. Motion-sensing cameras are best for those that need a camera that records any suspicious movement or activity. Also, motion sensing cameras help to save the energy bills since they don’t always run 24/7. They will be activated whenever there is any movement within the area of coverage. Such cameras also help to save up space in your cloud or local storage drive.

3. Wiring

Years back, all CCTV cameras used wires that ran visibly around the premises. In that case, the wires tend to be vulnerable to tamper. A thief might raid your business premises and cut off the wires to prevent the cameras from capturing them. A better way to curb this is to go for the wireless options. Even if some cameras might be wired, those that are installed outside the building or exposed to the public should be wireless to limit the cases of vandalism.

Buying A CCTV System

4. Field of View

The field of view is simply the viewing angle that the cameras can capture. You must consider this feature whenever you are purchasing a CCTV system for your home or office. The viewing angle of the camera will determine how much you can see at once. If you have a wide room or you want to install the camera outside, you should consider purchasing one with a wide field of view.

5. Video/Picture Quality

This is a top feature that you must consider if you want a reliable CCTV camera. The image or video quality will determine if you can correctly identify who is in the video. With a high-quality camera, you can zoom into the feeds and still see images clearly. Ideally, choose a camera with at least 720p resolution. 1080p resolution cameras are quite pricey, but they are worth the investment. Ask a professional to help you choose a decent CCTV camera if you have a low budget.

6. Style/Design

Some home and business owners prefer having a camera that cannot be noticed by a regular person. This helps to monitor the house or workplace without any recognition. Conversely, others prefer a regular CCTV camera that is noticeable to anyone. Regardless of what you want, always choose a camera with a good design and style. This might not have an effect on the performance, but it could act as a décor option. Also, huge and old-fashioned CCTV cameras look less attractive when installed on your property.

7. Web Access/Remote Viewing

These are commonly known as IP cameras, and they can be accessed over the internet. A DRV hard drive records digital feeds, which can then be streamed on mobile devices like phones and tablets. You can also access the live feeds from a different location on a computer. This means that you must have a strong internet connection {WiFi} in your premises. The feeds can then be accessed using a dedicated software that communicates with the camera’s IP address. This is not a must-have feature, but you should consider it if you are mostly away from where the cameras have been installed.

Buying A CCTV System

8. Weather-Resistance

If you are installing the cameras outside, you must consider this option. Some cameras are constructed with a weather-proof casing. This casing can protect the camera even when it is raining or snowing. Some are sturdy enough to protect your camera from the sun. For that, ensure that the camera is weather-resistance if you want to install it outside.

9. Local/Cloud Storage

If you have installed a 24/7 running camera in your premises, you are most likely to experience insufficient space in most cases. A lot of home and business owners are solving this issue by choosing cameras that store their recorded feeds on the cloud. This way, you will not have to worry about a full hard drive. Also, recordings stored in the cloud tend to be safer than those stored on the local drive.

10. Recording abilities

One thing you should keep in mind is that not all CCTV cameras can record feeds. Some only capture feeds without recording. This is common for those that have a dedicated team, which monitors the live feeds at all times. However, a camera that can record feeds is the best option because it allows you to go back to the storage whenever there is a need for evidence. Before you purchase any surveillance system, ensure that the camera can record as it captures the feeds.


The best way of ensuring that you purchase a stable unit that can serve you for long enough is by engaging a professional. The professional will give you more tips on what to look out for, and even help you with the installation. Never try installing the CCTV system on your own, unless you have some skills and experience. Above all, choose CCTV cameras from recognized and reputable brands. Don’t just purchase a surveillance system because it is cheap, rather, focus on the value and quality of the camera.

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