Why You Need CCTV and How To Install It

In the current age, we need to be cautious when it comes to security measures. When we switch on the TV, we regularly get to hear about the burglaries and other such crimes. With the increase in a number of crimes, the need for a convenient system to resolve our security-related issues has risen many folds. This is the reason why Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security systems have become massively popular for observation for security reasons. These are mainly planted at places that need constant monitoring such as airports, military setups and specifically financial institutions.

CCTV Systems

Why do we need CCTV systems?

Acquiring of evidence

Through the CCTV office system, we can now keep an eye on what is happening with our private and commercial property. This system consists of a series of cameras that continuously monitor and record footage to be viewed on closed-circuit television. In case of any thefts or burglaries, the footage from the CCTV system work as evidence

You can access recorded footage.

The CCTV security system comes with the advantage of letting the viewer avail the recorded footages from anywhere irrespective of being present on the spot where these systems are installed. With the technological advancements in the digital age, the Internet can be used to view live footage as well.

Designed in the different form

Not only these CCTV systems have proved their commercial worth but also they are widely used for office and home protection. These are designed in various forms to match your suitability like wireless systems, integrated intercom and various types of alarm systems. These systems ensure your safety from various antisocial elements.

They are safe to use

These CCTV systems are convenient and safe to use. You can view the images and live footage on your television set as well. The cameras are installed in such a way that they enable maximum coverage and record every movement. There are different types of cameras available that are designed to function well in the night times as well.

Record data for a long time.

These CCTV systems also come with a Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) feature that enables recording of data for a long time. There are various quality and performance-based options to choose from.

Every person needs to enjoy the services of an office CCTV system. They are not expensive and hence a commoner can purchase it. After purchasing a CCTV camera, you can call a professional technician to install it or you can install it by yourself. The installation process is simple. However, the tricky part is finding the best location for the camera. The camera should not be obstructed by other items near or around where it is placed. It should give you a complete view of the area that you want to watch.

CCTV Systems

The steps below will guide you in installing a CCTV camera.

The setup process

• Plan where you will set up the CCTV cameras. Check the distance between the camera and the object monitored. Also, consider the lighting between the two. As the gap between the camera and the object increases, so should the focal length of the lenses. Varifocal lenses are the best lenses to use. With them, you can adjust the focal length within a specific range.

• Avoid monitoring an object with many cameras. Use the least number of cameras by placing them in tactical positions. Check the source of light, it should not be directly in front of the cameras. Avoid cameras that have intersecting aspects.

• After finding the best camera position, ensure the cables are long enough to run up to the cameras.

The cabling procedure

• Run the cables to the CCTV cameras and ensure they are generating a good quality signal. Place the cables precisely to save on their lengths. If you are running multiple power lines or cable wires, allow a foot of space between them.

• Get good quality cables. The combo type, which transmits both power and video, is recommended. Keep the lengths of the wire below 400 feet. Ensure your cables are running seamlessly and are compact.

• It is good practice to allocate extra cable loops at both monitoring locations and the camera just in case you need to make some adjustments.

Mounting the camera

• Check for the bracket and mounting screws from your CCTV camera pack. Using the screws and a screwdriver, fasten the camera to the bracket and then adjust its position.

• Most cameras are powered by 12v DC or 24v AC. Depending on your input supply and power supply, the power connection may differ. Observe polarity to avoid damaging the camera. Positive terminals are usually served by white or red cables while negative terminals are usually served by black cables.

• Hook up the connector and follow the same steps for each camera.

Connecting the monitor and the recorder

• Connectors have to be installed on the monitor side. Make room for setting up the power supply, recorder, and the monitor.

• The power supply should be placed near the DVR video inputs. Observe polarity when you are setting up the cables. Separate the power conductors from the combo cables and run it to the power supply. Do not power the connection yet.

• Connect the DVR to the monitor. Use a voltage regulator to protect the equipment from power spikes. It is good to have a back-up in case of a power outage.

CCTV Systems

Powering the cameras and final adjustments

Power the connection, turn on the cameras, monitor, and DVR respectively. Check the view presented by each camera and adjust accordingly.

How to get better results

It is recommended to have visual coverage using a variety of cameras at all entrances and less traveled areas. Consider using night vision type cameras for areas that are not well light, as this will provide you with the greatest detail during the night. For areas inside your office , it is recommended to have them located in areas where money is exchanged and where you keep you high priced items. Ensure that the cameras are visible to the public as this will be a considerable deterrent from theft, as they will know they are being watched. As you can see, having CCTV is a smart choice in preventing theft or vandalism and help reduce the chances of a business losing profits

The latest CCTV systems come with the ease of installation, maintenance, and daily operations. This has made it attractive for office to think about installing this technology to help out their daily operations and maximize their effectiveness. Though CCTV is a tremendous asset to your office , it is not a one size fit all system. There are many varieties of CCTV office that must be properly integrated into your business, to be effective.

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