7 Benefits Of Office Surveillance Camera

Why do you need an office surveillance camera? Can it protect your office premise from unwanted entry and theft? Can it improve the productivity of your employees? CCTV cameras have become an important part of a security system of modern business. As a business owner, you want your office to be safe 24/7. But you cannot always be there to ensure the best protection. However, you can achieve the end result by installing an office CCTV camera. It will enable you to see what is happening inside or outside of your office no matter where you are.

Office CCTV

An office surveillance camera provides a number of benefits to a business. It protects from thefts and burglaries. It offers a safer place to work. Followings are seven benefits of office CCTV to inspire you to install a CCTV camera in your office security system.

1. Stops the occurrence of crime

You might have heard that prevention is better than cure. Yes, it is true. You can prevent the crime to happen in advance by installing security cameras. Your CCTV camera will record all the activities happening in your office. Even if you are not physically present in your office, you can monitor all those through your smartphone. Now security cameras are highly advanced. It helps business owners to track their employee’s activities and unwanted entries. In fact, the burglars will not dare to enter your office premises when a CCTV camera is installed. It will offer you a peace of mind.

2. Prevents employee’s theft

The success of your business depends on your workforce. You might not even imagine that your own employees can steal from your office. However, it happens in many office environments. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, around seventy-five percent of employees steal office assets. This might not be a major theft. But you can prevent them by installing security cameras. Moreover, when your employees will know that they are working under surveillance, they will think twice before taking such a step. This is the best way to secure your office from your own employees. It will also create a trustworthy and healthy environment. The customers will find you safe and worth visiting when your office is protected by CCTV cameras.

Office CCTV

3. Reduces insurance cost

This is the simplest and easiest way to save your money on the business insurance. Now the insurance companies offer discounts and lower premium rates when a CCTV camera is installed. If you want lower interest rates and low premiums, you can install an advanced CCTV camera. You will get low premiums and a number of other benefits. You might need to spend extra up front to buy a CCTV camera. But it will protect your business with the best insurance policy. Crime prevention and improved productivity are the added benefits.

4. Monitors 24/7

You cannot be at your office by 24/7. However, you can get mental peace knowing that you have a pair of eyes watching the activities in your absence. You can remain at the top of things. You can monitor all the events from your smartphone. This is easy and quite convenient. You can connect to the internet to know what is happening in your office in your absence. In fact, it will help to improve the productivity of your employees. Under a surveillance system, they cannot spend their on any other activity than office work. They will know that their works are being monitored by their boss. It will inspire them to work to their full potential. You can also find out what your employees are doing in your absence.

5. Curbs sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is not new in today’s working environment. In most of the cases, women employees do not dare to complain. They fear to lose their job as well as dignity. Even if they complain, they do not find the evidence to support their allegation. Sexual harassment is prohibited in the workplace by law. If you install CCTV cameras in your office, your women employees will feel more secure and protected. None will dare to harass them while being observed by security cameras constantly. Even if such an incident happens, they will have the evidence to prove it. In addition to sexual harassment, security cameras can help to collect evidence for any crime happened inside and outside of your office. You will get evidence about the location, suspects, and any other data related to the crime.

Office CCTV

6. Protects against false liability lawsuit

A false lawsuit is common is some types of businesses. For example, your previous employee might file a fake slip-and-fall injury lawsuit in order to sue your business. CCTV cameras are the best deterrents against such types of claims. CCTV footage will help you to prove your viewpoint. However, in many cases, the lawyers suggest their clients wait for six months to file a claim. The reason is that the footage in the security cameras will be destroyed. There will be no evidence to support the business owner. Therefore, it is always suggested to have lifetime storage to use whenever required.

7. Safer workplace

One of the key benefits of an office CCTV camera is to offer a safer workplace for your employees. By installing a security camera, you can ensure your constant presence in your office. You can monitor outdoor and indoor activities to detect a possible threat. Your employees will feel protected. They will feel secure knowing that they are under surveillance all the time. Moreover, you should install CCTV cameras in your entrance, exits, and even in the parking lots to offer a safer environment to all your employees. When there is enough security, they will not hesitate to work after dark. Another benefit of a security camera is that it will prevent vandalism, vehicle break-in, or similar crimes quite common in the absence of a proper security system.

Security cameras are designed to secure your business as well as to improve the productivity of your employees. They can protect, secure, and monitor your business and employees. In addition, it will safeguard your assets and make your employees more dedicated. A security camera is built to help your business in many ways in addition to catching the criminals.

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