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Crime is on the rise and this is evident in the newspaper that we get delivered at our doorsteps every morning. News channels also tell the similar story and alert people about the criminal gangs wandering about the city looking for soft targets. In the day, you can get help from neighbours and also criminals usually don't strike during day time. The night is the right time for burglars as you are fast asleep and aware of the approaching burglars. But there are no apprehensions as you can record every activity happening around your home with the help of latest security systems like wireless CCTV.

Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV can't prevent the burglars from breaking into your home but it can record their activity and help you find the miscreants. It is your third eye that never sleeps. With this security system, you can rest assured that someone is taking care of your home. It will see everything from a mouse trying to make a hole in your garden to an unfriendly neighbour trying to peep inside your bedroom. Setting this security system is not a difficult job because they come in a ready-to-set packing. All you need to do to install a security system around your home is to locate a perfect place from where the home security system can cover the entire premises.

A majority of homeowners don't want to involve in the technicalities of installing a home security system but little do they know that today's advanced home security systems are easy to install, convenient to operate and maintenance free. For example, take a wireless CCTV. A wireless close circuit security camera can escape from the hassle of wiring and also it can be set at places like bird's nest and between tree leaves for a better and clear view.

A wireless CCTV is suitable for securing large properties like farm houses, big bungalows, villas and cottage homes. The advantage of using a wireless close circuit camera is that it can be set at high places like the roof of a home or on top of a tree from where it can see the whole property. A majority of homeowners choose wireless security system to protect their properties and you will be amazed to know that a wireless security system doesn't cost much. A wide range of wireless security systems is available in the market and homeowners can choose a system that suits their requirements and fits into their pockets.

Wireless CCTV

Useful Guide to Choose the CCTV Camera to Get Full Protection

If you are choosing a good CCTV system, then you must make the correct choice of camera. Although specifications are given in order to compare and judge different cameras, this is not actually vital. It is not important even when compared to the design of cameras. Here is a guide to buying cameras that shed light on the key points that will help you in finding a camera with the right application.


The first thing you need to look into is the brand. There are many brands that produce CCTV, and it is important to go for a recognized and well-renowned brand such as LG CCTV for instance. This will help you to ensure that your CCTV is a reliable source and thus that it is less likely to break down. At the same something like an LG CCTV should mean you get better customer support and that the company isn't likely to go out of business anytime soon. Search for your make of CCTV on Google - be is LG CCTV or another brand - and see if anyone has left any reviews about particular models etc that can help to guide your decision. However don't lend too much weight to any one positive or negative review, as no matter the quality of the camera there will always be good and bad experiences. Instead, try to get a general overview of what people think of the brand and then use this to make your decision.

TVL or Television lines

In case, you might not be aware of TVL - It is the number of horizontal lines a camera can record. However, there is also the need to ensure good quality of the lens because no matter how good the TVL is, it will never let the lens focus on details beyond natural ability. Let us understand this with an example: At D1 resolution, there are around 400,000 pixels for which a lens is desired to concentrate on sufficient pixels to capture the details. An important thing to keep in mind is that many quote misleading figures as retailers mention TVL figures that can be attained only in black and white at night.

Wireless CCTV

Zoom or varifocal CCTV camera lens

It is always recommended to choose a CCTV system that has a camera with a zoom lens. By paying a bit more for a fixed lens camera you can enjoy more flexibility in your security system. After getting the camera fixed in the desired area one can easily zoom in or out according to it to your needs.

DSP (chipset)

DSP or chipset is the brain of the computer. How capable a camera is in filming in low light levels, to different lighting or climatic conditions, and also the ease of use are dependent on the choice of DSP. Care has to be taken when buying a camera as many manufacturers go to the extreme at the time of incorporating DSP based features in their cameras, and even installers aren't able to understand it completely.

1/4 inch or 1/3 inch CCD Sensor - Why opt for 1/3 inch?

This measurement refers to the size of CMOS or CCD image sensor. It is vital to keep in mind that the smaller the image sensor is the less is its sensitivity to the light and it is more likely to suffer image deterioration or "noise". Therefore, it is preferable to purchase a camera that has 1/3 inch sensors to view less deteriorated images.

Now you are aware of the important aspects that will help you in buying the most suitable CCTV camera for your home ensuring complete security and peace of mind.

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