Do You Need A CCTV System?

Closed-Circuit Television, commonly known as CCTV, is a rising consideration for many individuals and organizations in Singapore. A lot of people are relying on CCTVs majorly to watch over their property. Even as many people and organizations are installing the Closed-circuit television systems in their properties, does everyone need them? The answer is no. Not everybody needs a CCTV system. It is an investment on its own, and you should consider if you really need one.

CCTV System

Who Needs a CCTV System?

So how would you know if you need a closed-circuit television system? This might be a tricky decision to make, especially given the fact that almost everyone is getting one. But really, who is the best candidate for a CCTV system?

A Homeowner

When we say a homeowner, it is mostly that who has a valuable property. It is not the best choice to install a CCTV system in a rented house. First off, the landlord might not like the idea, or it might end up costing you too much for no reason. Also, some house rentals might have CCTV systems around the building. But if you own a home and you have valuable items like vehicles and other expensive stuff in the house, you will need a CCTV system to help you with the surveillance of your property.

A business owner/Organization
If you own a business, either small or big, you need to have a CCTV system installed. Actually, business persons are the leading candidates for CCTV systems. It helps them keep an eye over their property, whether they are on the premises or away.In a business, the closed-circuit systems prevent the property against vandalism and theft. Whether you have untrusted employees, or you are afraid of being a victim of theft from burglars, a CCTV system is very helpful.

Government organizations/Civil Servants

Government organizations or those working for the government will need the services of a closed-circuit television system. Such people like investigative officers, the police, lawyers, or the court, will rely on the services of CCTVs. The government will also have CCTVs installed around cities to help curb careless drivers and general control crime. All these are entities and individuals who need CCTV systems. So where do you live? And do you need to have the closed-circuit TV installed on your property?

CCTV System

Advantages of Having CCTV Systems

Now that you know if you need the closed-circuit system or not, do you know the benefits that come with the system? Here is a look at the benefits of a closed-circuit system.

It curbs employee theft

As a business person or entity, one benefit of having a CCTV system is that it helps to prevent employees from stealing. Employee theft is a common challenge that faces many businesses. In case you suspect any of your employees of stealing your items, the best way to prove it is by having a CCTV system installed. Even if you suspect them of stealing your money at the cash register, the surveillance system will help you limit that.

Prevent crime

This stands as one of the leading reasons for having a closed-circuit TV on your property. The cameras will help you catch the criminals, whether in the act or afterward for a police report. It has also been proven that only the sight of cameras on your property will make the burglar think twice. The camera keeps criminals away, which in turn fights crime.

It acts as a source of evidence

In case you are a victim of theft, and you want to know who did it, the cameras will help you identify them easily. Also, the investigators and the police will go through your CCTV system to identify the robbers and start their search. If you happen to report a case in court, the judge might ask for footage to prove that what you are saying is true.

Offers surveillance for your property

Other than keeping criminals away, the cameras will help you keep an eye on your property. You can be at your workplace or on vacation, but you still get the chance to watch over your house whenever you want. Some CCTVs can be operated via an IP address, which makes it easy to access your feeds from wherever you are.

CCTV System

Promotes work productivity

While the cameras might prevent employee theft, they will also encourage them to work hard. Your employees will know that someone is watching them at one point. This way, they won’t have time to sleep at work or sneak out. The cameras will also force the employee to report to work on time, knowing that the supervisor will go through the footage and know the exact time one reported.

Offers some sense of comfort/confidence

When there are cameras around a building like a bank, the customer will be confident that the security is tight. This way, they will worry less about who might come to rob them or if anything might happen in the next minute.

It curbs unfair nannies and caretakers

If you have a nanny at home, who might be harassing your child, the CCTV will identify them, and you will deal with them before it is too late. Also, caretakers in an elderly-based center will be watched at all times. Here, they will not get the chance to mistreat the elderly as they wish. The cameras will help keep your children and the elderly safe from the hands of mean people.

Installing a CCTV System

If you decide that you need to have the cameras installed on your property, you will need to put some factors into consideration. They include the following:
• Consider the brand of the camera
• Consider the features of the entire system. Can you access it via the internet/IP address? Can it record as it captures?
• Is it easy to operate?
• Consider the dealer/supplier. Do they also offer repair services, other than installation services?
• How much does the entire system cost?
These are some of the factors you need to consider if you purchase a CCTV system. Always ensure that you find the best dealer, who should help you learn about the system as they install a reliable unit. Don’t forget to ask about the pricing and warranty before you purchase it.

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