Useful Warehouse CCTV Installation Tips

Safety and security of goods are one of the top priorities of any business. Whether it’s for preventing theft, vandalism, any unforeseen events, or as evidence for insurance claims and legal battles, keeping an eagle's eye over your inventory is extremely necessary. CCTV, short for Closed-Circuit Television, cameras helps you keep a visual track of your valuable items. Installing a CCTV camera network in your warehouse is the most cost-efficient way in keeping your establishment safe and sound. Three of the top benefits of using CCTV cameras are.

CCTV Camera

· Recordable real-time monitoring

Information is the most valuable thing in any business and surveillance cameras give you full-time recordings of any event. These can even be used as proof in legal proceedings.

· Reduced cost of security

It does not only reduce security costs but gives a more effective security system. Instead of hiring numerous guards, you can hire a single person to monitor the whole building through a live feed of all the areas.

· A deterrence to crime

It’s a natural fact that people don’t commit a crime when under surveillance. So, it not only acts as a cure to criminal activities but also as a preventive measure.

Having said these, the next natural question is, how to install a CCTV camera system in warehouses? Before you think of installing these cameras, you should do a background check of your warehouse. The positioning of the cameras has to be optimized according to specific building structures. To avoid getting blind spots, camera overlapping, repeat recording and other technical difficulties it’s important to know more about this hardware. We have presented a few tips which will help you with installing a CCTV camera in your warehouse.

CCTV Camera

· Research

Your research should be a holistic amalgamation of different aspects like your needs, your budget, the contours of the building, and even the local laws regarding surveillance. For example, in Singapore, you would need a permit for placing a CCTV camera in public areas. Moreover, if your business is situated near a government building, make sure you don’t unknowingly violate any surveillance laws. There are however no restrictions on placing the cameras behind closed doors.

· Select the right product

There are a variety of different brands selling a range of CCTV cameras. Based on the design, there can be the Dome, the Bullet or the C-Mount type. One of the most important features to look out for is the range of a CCTV camera. If you are planning to install it in a warehouse, range and area coverage automatically becomes a key factor in choosing the right CCTV camera. There are modern cameras with infra-red surveillance and night vision technology. Networking is another area which differentiates various models. It depends on how many cameras you are fitting into the recording system. Then there features like high definition cameras or motion capture technology.

· Planning

After you have decided on the type of camera you want and selected your model, next you would want to check the physical aspects of your warehouse. Check out the most valuable locations, the hindrances to the camera's vision and all the entry and exit points. If you are planning to fit your camera outside, choose a model that’s suited to withstand environmental damage. If you want to secretly monitor any area or place the camera in full view, is another consideration in your planning program. At this stage, based on your calculations you can review your model and change it too. Decide on the number of cameras you need, and also choose the recording system.

· Layout

Read the manual for instructions, and start by installing one camera at a central position. Initially, place a camera temporarily and check out the recordings. If you are new to this, this will help you get a lot of idea on how these things work. Plan the remaining ones accordingly and check out for blind spots (areas where there is no surveillance coverage). Once you are satisfied with each position, be ready to permanently fix them on.

CCTV Camera

· Wiring

Choosing the right cable is as important as choosing the right camera. You may find the company provided wiring to be inadequate in length. You need to seek the details your floor plan and get an idea of the length of cables you need. Generally, there are two types of cables available in Singapore today, one is the RG6/U (for up to 1500 ft.) and the RG11/U (for 1500+ ft.). These can transmit high-quality data over long distances smoothly, but the latter is a little difficult to install without professional help. The other newer option is CAT5 cables, which uses a network of 8 different wires to provide seamless connectivity. You also need proper electrical connections to each camera.

· Include wireless cameras

Often the wiring will give you a headache in reaching out to offbeat areas inside your warehouse. If you have a problem with wiring in select areas, simply go wireless. These are little expensive that wired models, and are not as sturdy as wired ones, but they do provide hassle-free installations and servicing. Your surveillance system can have a combination of wired and wireless cameras. It’s advisable to go for wired ones, but for specific hard-to-reach areas try the wireless CCTV cameras.

· Recording system

The next most important thing is recording your live monitoring. Just connecting your cameras to a computer will simply give you live feed and not store anything. For storage, you need an extra storage device like an external hard-disk. The recording system will allow you to explore the past recordings. It’s advisable to go for devices with high storage capabilities, especially if you are using HD models. You have to review your recordings from time to time and delete unnecessary ones to clear up space for future recordings.

· Seek professional help

While installing CCTV camera in your home may seem like a child’s play, it’s a different thing for a big establishment like a warehouse. There are a number of problems you can run into like wiring, inadequate coverage, and other technical issues. The best way is to consult an expert and seek professional help. There are a number of companies in Singapore designed to help you with CCTV installation. It will not only reduce your costs by proper planning and convenient use of the range but also give you peace of mind.

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We Are Specialists in IP Camera, PABX, Alarm System, Security Camera, Door Access System, Intercom System!

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