Should I Install A Real Or Fake CCTV?

Security cameras are an essential component of any security system whether at home or at the office. They provide video evidence in case of an event and when installed conspicuously, CCTV cameras can be used as a deterrent, cautioning against criminal or inappropriate behaviour. The variety of security systems and CCTV cameras available today in Singapore mean that homes and businesses can have 24 hour surveillance and have the system connected to the nearest police station. But not everybody installs advanced security cameras; some people are comfortable using fake CCTV cameras to discourage criminal elements. In places where petty crime is a problem, such as cafes or bookshops, these types of cameras can be installed to minimize such incidents and enhance safety for everyone in the establishment.


What do fake CCTV cameras look like?

These types of cameras look exactly like genuine surveillance cameras, and that’s the point: to make everybody believe that they’re under surveillance. They come in different models and size, depicting powerful cameras capable of detecting even the smallest activity. Some are equipped with the pan/tilt/zoom feature and may appear to have night-vision or infrared, but they are only for show, and are typically used in combination with one or two real cameras, as a way to show complete surveillance of an office building, home, or factory.

Pros of having fake CCTV Cameras

All things considered, you’re better off installing fake surveillance cameras than living without any type of camera whatsoever. Very few people can tell the difference between a real and fake CCTV right off, and the sight of a camera is enough to discourage most criminal acts. As a homeowner or business person you may never really know when the cameras discouraged acts of crime, but the argument is that it doesn’t hurt to have them installed.

These types of cameras don’t only benefit the owner. People feel safer when they see surveillance cameras and they appreciate the owner’s efforts to provide security. Of course the reason why most people choose to install these types of cameras is the cost. Advanced surveillance systems cost a fortune, and for someone who’s starting a small business and wants to give the impression of decent security, the only reasonable option is to install fake cameras.

In addition, they don’t require maintenance and repairs, aside from the occasional dusting and wiping to maintain aesthetic appeal because you want people to believe the camera’s recording. Other than that, a fake CCTV doesn’t require any additional work or cost to maintain, and unless you want to change its position, a single installation could take the pressure off for a while.
To sum it up, the benefits of installing fake CCTV's include:
· They’re very affordable
· Most people can’t tell the difference
· Owners and visitors feel safer
· They don’t require maintenance


The downside to having one of these cameras in your property is the fact you won’t have any video evidence in case of an incident. The sole purpose of a fake surveillance camera should be to discourage petty crime, or when necessary, to keep workers in line.
When are fake cameras a good idea?

For individuals who already have an existing surveillance system and would like to add a number of cameras on strategic locations to give the impression of complete coverage, a fake camera may be useful. But this only makes sense if you’re operating under a tight budget and cannot afford to purchase the equivalent real cameras.

Business start ups can take advantage of this too. For instance if a retail store only has one camera at the entrance, the owner may consider installing a fake camera above the cash register to make sure nobody gets any interesting ideas.

Homeowners can also use the cameras in combination with real CCTV to make sure all sensitive areas in the property are covered. The garage, driveway and backyard may be good places to install a fake camera; however it is important that fake cameras blend with the existing surveillance system in order for them to be effective.


If you plan to use a dummy camera without the backup of real surveillance, it is recommended that you have another type of security system installed: for instance a intruder alarm. This may be enough to provide security, especially if it is a safe neighbourhood.
Individuals who operate jewellery stores may also find it useful to have a number of cameras installed, as this can minimize chances of theft and robbery. In this case, dummy cameras should be combined with real surveillance to make sure the most sensitive areas of the store are being recorded.

When hiring a babysitter or senior care services, some people find it more reassuring to have a camera or two in the home just to make sure proper care is provided. Such cases may warrant installation of a dummy camera if only to promote accountability.
When are fake cameras a bad idea?

These types of cameras provide a measure of security but they don’t guarantee that incidents won’t occur. Moreover, if an incident were to occur, in which property gets damaged or stolen, you wouldn’t have any evidence to hand over the police or insurance company, and that might get in the way of justice or compensation.

People that have legitimate security concerns should install real surveillance cameras when possible in order to have peace and also to make sure no potential intruder figures out that the cameras are fake.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, you will need to install real cameras but if you’re just starting out on a new business or just moved into a new home and haven’t got the finances to purchase a quality surveillance system, it makes sense to install fake cameras. The only thing you need to consider is an alternative form of security system, such as burglar alarm. If you have that in your home or workplace, and can’t afford new cameras to go with it, then dummy cameras may be used effectively. The point of using fake cameras is to save money, so that at some point in the near future, you can then install genuine CCTV. Use fake cameras with caution, and remember some people may be able to tell the difference between a real camera and imitation.

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