How To Plan & Install CCTV For Shopping Malls

Security is one of the most significant aspects in ensuring that you live comfortably especially if you operate in areas which are prone to crimes. Because there are various ways of enhancing safety in you businesses or home, it can be a daunting experience to find the right security system. However, CCTV cameras are the best security systems which can make your home environment to be secure. Shopping malls requires a variety of CCTV cameras for monitoring shoppers, reducing theft, and improving security. In addition to the installation of CCTV cameras, most of the shopping malls security departments studies crime prevention techniques for improvement of the security systems.

Install CCTV

Where to install CCTV cameras in a shopping mall

The CCTV cameras should be installed in common areas of the mall. This will monitor patrol packing areas, within the walk ways in food courts and stores. The housing of the cameras which are located at the outdoors are made in such a way that it can withstand tampering or severe whether conditions.

Why do you need to choose Singapore CCTV for installation in your shopping mall?

There are some reasons why the company is the best in terms of system and CCTV supplier. One of the reasons is the fact that it will give you the installation services which you require. In addition to that, other factors include:

· Qualified technicians

Singapore CCTV has specialized technicians who are able to provide the best services. These individuals possess level of experience which is sufficient as they have operated in installation of systems for many years. In fact, they will be in a better position in providing you with excellent service.

· The rates are affordable

Singapore CCTV can deliver cameras in your doorstep. Apart from that, the fitting service will be guaranteed. In contrast with other companies, the supplier can fit the camera after delivery. This will save you time and money as you will not need to contact two different companies for your project to be accomplished.

· You will guaranteed by the good services

After the security system has been installed, you will receive a liberty to call Singapore CCTV at any time. This is very useful and helpful for you especially if there is any difficulty with the system. By purchasing from Singapore CCTV, you will use a mobile phone to enquire on problems which you might encounter relating to the systems which you have purchased.


· Different specifications

The security systems are available in many types. If you purchase from Singapore CCTV, you will be able to select the best one which satisfies your needs.

How to determine the security system available

Before you find the right solution for your shopping mall or home, you have to know the options which exist in the current market. The following are some of the considerations to make:

· You should Monitor

The ultimate goal of monitoring is to find a security system which offers a 24 hour effective communication. The communication must be automated once. As a result, it triggers the alarm. The three common monitoring options are: broadband, cellular and landline. Therefore, you need to consider the three monitoring options and select the best which suits your budget and needs.

· Installation

Does the system need professional installation? This is one of the questions which you need to ask yourself include: as mentioned above, professional installation engages the services of a technician who is qualified. But, there is an installation fee.

· Automation

Automation is one of the factors to consider when choosing a security system. When choosing automation, it will assist you in controlling diverse activities of your shopping mall or home. A smart phone can be used for controlling water heating. Similarly, you can arm and disarm the systems, control little appliances and view the pre-recorded tapes for surveillance.

Several security enhancements and products are available across the ranges. Among the options, you can choose one that best solves your problems. It is upon you to decide on including mobile access, cameras, alarms and concealed grills. Some of the systems can even lock down the room or turn off the lighting in case of fire.

CCTV Shopping Malls

What considerations should you make?

After being aware of the security products and systems available, the next step is to choose the best option. Some of the things which you need to consider include:

· Are you renting or is it your home

If you are in a rental premise, a wireless portable solution which can be moved around is the best. There are various security systems which are design specifically for tenants who own the equipment and could be able to move along with. If it is your home, a budget which determines what you need to install should be made.

· Are you planning to move in the next two to three years?

If you want to relocate before three years elapsed, you need to consider reviewing alarm and monitoring contract. Consequently, ensure that you check whether you own the equipment or not. The best alternative is by ensuring that you are in possession of the equipment. This will be convenient when you are shifting the locations.

· Do you require a cell phone access?

It is necessary to have a cell phone access if you need to complete control of the spaces. By doing that you will be able to achieve many things; including alarm systems. Notifications and alerts can be received when your worker leaves arrives or leaves your house. Moreover, you will get alerts when the children get home after attending school or when selecting locations.


It is vital to make a decision on whether security cameras which are installed are the best. As highlighted, security cameras can function in a number of ways. Singapore CCTV cameras can be selected because of the quality service which they provide. It is important to consider the above factors and choose Singapore CCTV Company so as to provide the outstanding service for your shopping mall. Therefore, you need to go Singapore CCTV cameras and all your problems regarding security will be minimized.

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