How To Plan CCTV Installation For Schools

These days more and more schools in Singapore are installing CCTV camera in their premises to prevent vandalism, trespassing, fights and so many other unwanted activities. When school install CCTV camera, then they see a sudden drop in all kind of negative things in their premises. Along with that, installation of CCTV camera gives so many benefits as well to schools. For examples, students stay in their limit and they follow all the rules and regulations. Same is the situation for teachers as well and they take their work seriously. Other than this, all the wrong doers get demotivation because of it and if anything goes wrong in the school, then authorities get enough resources to identify the root cause of the problems. However, schools can get this kind of result with CCTV only if they plan its installation in a proper and wise manner. Here, I am suggesting few tips that can explain how to plan CCTV installation for schools in a smart and wise manner.

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List down your problems:
If you are thinking about CCTV installation in your school, then you might be having some problems and you are trying to get a solution of those problems. For better result, it is advised that you shall list down all of your problems in smart manner. When you would do this, then it will help you get better outcome with ease. Also, when you list down your problems, then you should check if that particular problem can be resolved with CCTV installation or not. If some problems are there that can’t get any resolution even after installation of CCTV camera, then you shall think about some other solution in that situation along with installation of CCTV in your school.

Outline all the security issues:
You can’t get full use of CCTV camera in your school, unless you know all the security issues that are enforcing you to install it in your school. That means you shall outline all the security issues that you have in your school. With this proper outlining of security factors, you would be able to get rid of all the problems with ease and you will not have any kind of troubles after installing it in your school. Sometime, you may fail to outline these issues by yourself, and in that case you shall not hesitate taking help from other people or experts.

Make a list of pivotal points:
To do the monitoring of all the essential places in your school, you shall start by making a list of all the pivotal points in your school. In these points you should cover places such as main entry, hall, stairs, cafe area, less visited places, computer rooms, libraries, parking areas etc. In addition to this, all the school can have some places that are less visible for people from most of the angles and you might miss those areas. So, it is essential that you shall include such points without fail to get the optimum result with installation of your CCTV camera in your school. Along with that, you shall also talk to experts and you shall take their opinion for same to have optimum result.

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Do not ignore boundaries:
Ignoring boundaries of your school can be a big mistake from your side and you shall not do this mistake in any condition. If you would ignore the boundaries, then you are going to have a negative experience as your school will remain unprotected from outsiders. So, it is advised that you should install good quality CCTV cameras covering all the entrance point including main gate, back gate and fence area as well. This precaution will prevent all kind of trespassing and if anyone tries to get into your school boundary, then he would get captured in the camera.

It should have advance features:
While choosing CCTV camera for your home, it is advised that you should choose camera with advance features in it. If you are installing it for outside area, then it should have PTZ feature in it so you can move the camera to any particular direction in case of need. Also, it should have features like advance monitoring and infrared recording feature so it would work well even in night time. This kind of features will make sure you can use the CCTV camera for around the clock. That means you would have no complication or troubles using it even in the night time.

Find a good contractor:
You can use cctv camera in your school properly only if you would find a good supplier and contractor for same. You should try to choose a person that as detailed experience in this particular task. When you would choose a good service provider or supplier, then you are going to have the best outcome in this method. It will help you in many other ways as well that will make it comfortable for you in the installation of CCTV camera for same. In order to do the selection wisely, you can take the help of internet, you can do comparison and you can take users opinion as well. When you would choose a contractor on the basis of these things, then you are going to have better result for sure and you would have minimum complication as well.

Get it installed properly:
This is the last thing that you need to do for installation of CCTV camera in your school. You need to share your complete requirement to them and you shall get it installed accordingly. When installation work is done, then you should cross check all the things in detailed manner and if you feel it’s working properly, then only you shall go ahead with it. If you find any kind of complication or trouble in it, then you should take the help of experts again and you should resolve the issue before moving ahead. This last step seems basic but it is important because that help you get the best outcome with your CCTV installation and you get good result as well with it.

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