Different Types of CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras have been used for a long time for security reasons. It all started with the first CCTV system installed by Siemens AG in 1942 on Test Bench VII in Peenemunde, Germany. CCTV cameras have been installed to observe the launch of V-2 rockets. And it was Walter Bruch, a German engineer, who gave the technological design and installation of the project. At first, CCTV required constant monitoring because the recording and storage information was not available.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV equipment was a blessing for us as these cameras provided the means to prevent and solve crimes for a long time. These surveillance cameras come in different types, styles and configurations. Depending on what works best for the intended applications, the owner of a home or business has a wide range of choices. In fact, there has been a significant increase in the online purchase of CCTV cameras in recent years.

As security installations become a predominant scenario, it becomes extremely vital to choose the right camera for the proper and optimal application. Here is a reference guide for you on the types of CCTV kits on the market, so you buy the CCTV kits online for the intended application.

Bullet Camera

This is a unit mounted on the wall or ceiling. The design is generally more favourable for indoor use. But it can also meet certain types of outdoor applications. It is its elegant and slim cylindrical shape that earned him his name "ball". Typical features do not include pan / tilt / zoom control. Instead, it is designed to take pictures from a fixed location in a fixed area.

Dome camera

The camera for this type of video surveillance is installed in a domed case. The construction of this camera makes it discreet and nonetheless visible. There are also available units that allow indoor cameras to have fast towers to watch and are often referred to as "speed domes".

Discrete camera

You may be wondering if it's a clock, a smoke detector or anything at random, but it could be a disguised hidden camera.

Infrared / Nightvision

Buy video surveillance kits online with night vision or infrared technology and it is good to monitor low or no light areas. When using infrared LEDs, these cameras can display images even in dark conditions.

High Definition Cameras

This type of CCTV camera is mainly relegated to niche markets such as casinos because it is equipped with a zoom technology providing extreme picture clarity.

Alternative Uses of CCTV Cameras

Many people do not know that there are many other interesting uses, as well as non-secure applications of these advanced devices. Use your imagination and flash to get immediate and tangible benefits from a normal CCTV camera. Do you know that the original experimental animation of puppet plasticization was made with a time-lapse video recorder? Nowadays, in many cities around the world, traffic police use these video surveillance devices to provide a thorough analysis of traffic on the city's roads.

The complete procedure of traffic flow control becomes much easier, convenient, accurate and economical through the use of these CCTV cameras. They should only be installed at each crossing and observers can monitor all important details from a distance. Another advantage that these devices offer to traffic departments around the world is that they also help them determine the pending traffic patterns in their city. This facilitates the organization of traffic during peak hours.

In addition to monitoring traffic on bridges, roads and crossings, these CCTV cameras also help the traffic department perform various types of traffic investigations. The tapes recorded by these devices can be analyzed for all important details, including vehicle types and routes taken for an intersection, etc. CCTV cameras offer a much cheaper and much more useful and reliable solution. Data that can be obtained with a manual survey. The important benefits offered by these devices easily reduce the possible installation costs of these devices.

CCTV Cameras

When viewing the live coverage provided by a CCTV device in the event of a traffic accident, paramedics and police officers can quickly arrive at the scene of the accident and begin operations. rescue. This live coverage also helps law enforcement authorities prosecute criminals. It will be very interesting to know today; These devices are also used to record activities inside an oven. This ensures that the ovens work well and that everything is cooked to perfection. Sometimes, due to some type of oven failure, the products may be poorly cooked or overcooked in a bakery.

This will not only cause significant production but also sales losses for the bakery owner but will also reduce the reputation of a beaker in the market. Sometimes, to detect the fault, the owner of the bakery can dismantle the conveyors and the units, but you can never find anything upside down. A small CCTV camera offers an excellent solution in this situation. A small CCTV camera can be mounted in water-cooled housing inside the oven to see the discharge area. You can save the entire production cycle and the tape can be replaced and used several times. The detailed analysis of the tape produced by these super efficient CCTV cameras can signal the failure of the oven and thus avoid significant losses to the owner.

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