8 Things to Note When Installing CCTV for Restaurant

CCTV installations have become an important part of the security system among many businesses today. And with the technological developments in modern CCTVs, majority of businesses in Singapore have experienced improved functionality and security monitoring. Most of the modern devices are designed with the ability to capture, record, transmit and monitor the area in which they are installed. If you own a restaurant that involves heavy cash transactions, then you need to have the most reliable CCTV systems in place to monitor the security of your business. But before making any security camera installation, there are a number of factors that you might need to put in mind. Here are 8 things to consider before installing CCTV camera in your restaurant.


1. Surveillance Solution the CCTV Will Provide
The traditional CCTV cameras usually have a more limited field of view when compared to high resolution cameras. High-resolution cameras, also known as PTZ cameras, are designed with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom. To resolve any mishaps, they can be controlled to pan across the entire area you are monitoring. Though the PTZ cameras can monitor a large area, you might miss targeted areas because the camera keeps moving from one position to another. And for you to have an almost accurate monitoring system, you can choose to go for 360 cameras . When mounted on the center of the restaurant or dance floor, all activities can be captured with no lapses in coverage. 

2. Use IP/Megapixel Security Cameras
If you’re considering the best camera to put in a cash handling area, then IP or Megapixel camera can be a perfect choice. These cameras are designed with technology that ensures money is handled properly. Analog cameras might not provide you with a clearer image if there’s any impropriety but with a megapixel camera you have the highest resolution when it comes to taking the necessary action. 

3. Installing CCTV Cameras Properly Can Help Protect You from Lawsuits 
There are many activities occurring in your business and sometimes there might be slips and falls, assault or even claims of over-serving. Some hose who claim they’ve been assaulted are the aggressors themselves and with clear proof of what happened, you can always get yourself out of the trap. And for those claiming the slipped and fell, you can determine the condition of the floor at that very time the incident occurred. For purposes of consistency in image capturing be sure to install cameras:

- In all areas of the restaurant to monitor drinking and conditions of customers
- In the cash handling areas to monitor any suspicious activities
- Outside the restaurant to capture the image of activities of customers as they enter and leave


4. Find Cameras That Are Ideal For Low Light Conditions
A restaurant setting can be dark sometimes when light conditions are adjusted to suit the needs of customers. Also, there might be outdoor cameras monitoring the waiting lines and images might not capture activities of those on the side walk if at all a line reaches that point. In that case, you need to use the day or night infrared cameras to accommodate for dark conditions. Also, when you’re closed, these cameras might help you identify burglaries in your establishment as lights are inevitably low or off. And to help you monitor the area or identify and burglars, the IP and megapixel are crucial as they also perform facial recognition. And when suing someone in court evidence of the culprit can always be identified without question when the camera recordings are produced.

5. Adhering To Health and Safety Standards of Singapore
For you to ensure proper health codes are followed by the kitchen staff, you need to position cameras in the kitchen to monitor food handling. The cameras might also help you to know the conditions of your kitchen before the Board of Health Inspectors visit. In addition to these functions, kitchen CCTV cameras will ensure:

- Employees are not stealing any food or beverages 
- The kitchen staff is not over indulging on meals meant for them in excess of what you’ve allowed them

6. Monitoring Inventory and Services Areas
You can always guard against shrinkage of inventory by keeping an eye on it or when in transition via the camera. Surveillance in such areas can help ensure everything goes right as well as help curb any suspicious activities. As such you should always ensure cameras are put in areas like:

- Stock rooms and liquor coolers
- Loading docks when the shipments arrive
- Where food, drinks or any valuables can be easily stolen by dishonest employees

Monitoring service areas is also important in your establishment. Be sure to install security cameras in areas where food and drink are being served by the staff. That can help you curb instances of meals or beverages being given for free to friends or relatives and even tips being received by the staff. Ideally, monitoring activities in service areas will help you:

- Offer proper training to your staff
- Study customer behaviors especially with regard to traffic flow


7. monitoring the Business Even When You’re Away From the Establishment
If your restaurant is always running 24/7, then there’s a possibility you will not be around all the time. As such, you can use a remote video monitoring to be in your restaurant even when you are away. Security experts can set up the capability for you to view all the security cameras in your restaurant via your PC, smartphone or tablet. You can always get real-time updates whenever no matter where you are in town.

8. Hiring the Best CCTV Camera Experts in Town
Before purchasing any CCTV cameras for your restaurant, you need to consult an expert to advice on the best way to go. The expert will suggest the best cameras for all the areas in your restaurant, provide the best alternatives to camera upgrades and even offer to perform the camera installation. Be sure to contact the most reputable CCTV camera dealers or installers in town if you are to achieve effective security monitoring on your restaurant.


CCTV camera installation systems is not always an easy task. You have to grasp some knowledge on the technical features, the ideal areas for installations and the best company that can do the job. Take time to discuss with your local expert on all aspects of CCTV installations as well as remote viewing if you’ve never considered it before. That’s undoubtedly one of the biggest ways of improving video surveillance in your establishment which will lead to a more productive business.

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