6 Reasons To Upgrade Your CCTV System With Latest One

The use of CCTV camera is not uncommon in business places, and almost all the business places in Singapore have some kind of CCTV system in their premises. In fact, many of these places are using the same old CCTV system from a very long time and they never even thought about upgrading it. If you this situation is similar to your scenario, then I would advise you to upgrade your CCTV system with the latest one. There are so many reasons that can encourage you to upgrade your monitoring system with the modern technology, and I am sharing some of the reasons below with you.

CCTV System

Better picture quality:

If you will compare the quality of modern CCTV camera with its previous generation cameras, then you will realize the quality difference in both of them. The modern day CCTV system is equipped with very advanced cameras that can do even 4k recording in digital format. Until a few years back, only Analog cameras were popular and the quality of those devices were below averages compared to today’s lower end cameras. So, if you experience any kind of theft or other unwanted activity in your business place, then it may not be easy for you to utilize the existing tape or recording. With advanced CCTV camera, you can get better picture quality that will give sharp images even in the night time and

More coverage:

As mentioned above, earlier most of the CCTV systems were not equipped with high definition CCTV camera. Because of this issue, it was not possible for business owners to cover a bigger area without installing plenty of cameras at their premises. But things are much different now because advanced CCTV camera can cover more area with various features. In the present time, cameras can automatically rotate 360 degrees if needed, these advanced cameras come with high definition picture quality that can monitor more area without reducing picture quality, and some of these cameras may also have optical zooming. That means you will be able to cover even longer distance if you choose a camera wisely according to your particular need.

CCTV System

Easy monitoring:

Another important benefit of using advanced CCTV system is that monitoring would be much easier for you. In fact, you can do the monitoring using the internet from any place. So, if you installed a CCTV camera in your business place and you are enjoying your holiday, then also you can keep an eye on your business place. I am sure your old CCTV system may not offer this freedom to you. Also, modern day CCTV camera comes with smart features that can do a number of things such as face detection, motion detection, timely recording and many other facilities. These features also give you a better experience, and you can do monitoring with utmost simplicity and ease. That makes it a perfect reason to upgrade old CCTV camera and system with modern one.

Fewer complications:

The biggest problem of old age CCTV system is that you get plenty of challenges with it. It may have disturbance because of various issues, and you may get poor picture quality. Also, it keeps recording that put a lot of extra load on your hard disk capacity and your expenses as well. Modern day cameras can start recording in case of motion, or you can schedule the time of recording as per your uses. That way, you will be able to save a lot of your hard disk space, or you can do more recording in the same space. And if you want to remove the previous recording, then you can do that with various options including your computer, mobile app or the associated device. So, overall you get fewer complications with new systems.

CCTV System

Cost saving for you:

You may claim the new cameras will cost a lot of money to you for installing it, so how it will save money for you. Indeed, you will need to spend some money in the start, but you can reduce monitoring cost with new devices. Monitoring cost is a recurring cost, and if you can reduce that, then it will save an enormous amount of money to you for a longer time. Also, you can decrease the number of CCTV cameras in your system, so you will have to maintain fewer cameras that too if they need any repair. Your older cameras may have some maintenance requirement that will ultimately cost money to you. So, this way, it can save money for you.

Better security:

This is the most important benefit you would get with modern day CCTV system. As mentioned earlier, modern day CCTV systems can record on motion detection, it offers better picture quality, and it can cover more area, so you will automatically have better security as well. Other than this, you can also get CCTV camera that comes with wireless connectivity, inbuilt battery and recording capability. You can use this kind of camera to a place that is hard to reach by traditional method but needs protection from invaders. And if there is any unwanted activity in that area, then modern days CCTV system can send a security alert to you, and you can check the live feed on your mobile phone or any other device. Needless to say, that will certainly enhance your security many folds, and you will be able to pay your complete attention toward your business instead of worrying about the security.

Along with these benefits, you also get great support from the CCTV makers and open forums as well. And if you get any problems in modern systems, then you can do the changes easily. That is not possible to have that kind of perfect support for previous generation CCTV camera or system. And if you will do more research then this list of benefits can keep on increasing efficiently. So, if you still have the old CCTV camera or system in your business place, then change it with modern one as soon as possible.

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