16 Reasons To Install Hikvision Cameras

Hikvision is among the most successful suppliers of video surveillance products. The company has been in the front-line when it comes to the manufacture of high quality video surveillance products that are manufactured with the latest technology. This includes top notch video surveillance and CCTV products. Many companies in Singapore have embraced Hikvision cameras because of their reliability and durability. Even though it has been in the market from 2001, the company has made huge strides to become the best in the security industry.


The following are 16 reasons why you should start using Hikvision cameras:

• The clarity of images that are produced by cameras will determine the end results. Cameras from Hikvision give the best clarity even in challenging conditions. If you place them in low light or at a long distance, they will still be able to give you the clear image. It is simply what you need in today’s world where security is everything.

• With the introduction of EXIR infrared technology for its cameras, they are now able to provide the most accurate level of night surveillance. The cameras have an inbuilt illuminator that makes them powerful in dark environment.

• Hikvision surveillance cameras offer better luminance uniformity. As such, it is now possible to avoid common problems such as over-exposure of images and poor vision in darker areas. This means that you can view clear images when you want to replay the recorded events even in dark places.

• Another reason why many security companies and individuals in Singapore should use these cameras is the fact that they exhibit good heat dissipation. This is one of their major advantages because it saves the energy used in the end. It simply means you will be able to protect your property using the least possible energy.

• Hikvision EXIR technology makes the cameras to give out LED light that comes in a rectangle shape. This makes it possible to fit an ordinary screen size. In the end, the technology helps to enhance LED utilization efficiency. It also plays a great role in minimizing light pollution to the environment.

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• Their DVR camera surveillance system is arguably the best in the market. The storage capacity is simply amazing because it gives a massive allowance to data for more than 2 months. It completely erases the worry you always have about data loss from previous recordings. With these cameras, it is now possible to store huge videos for a longer period.

• Hikvision Surveillance cameras come as a system that contains different contents inside. Apart from motion sensors, there are CCTV connectors and multiplexers. The zoom feature is one of the best reasons why you need to purchase these cameras. `It enables you to view images from all corners of the area that you are surveying. It simply means that you can install one camera instead of many and get the best results.

• You need to install these cameras because they offer an enhanced LED light strength. Hikvision cameras use the EXIR technology that allows an increase in illuminant efficiency. This gives them advantage over the normal LED technology. There is a better and stronger light that makes long range visibility better.

• Another reason why you should switch to Hikvision cameras is the easy installation. Even though they are sophisticated and have many features, these cameras are well designed for easy installation. You can even opt for plug and play cameras that will require little efforts to start using them. The company has acknowledged the fact that consumers and business owners need trouble free installation to suit their operation needs. This is why their cameras come with user-friendly operation manuals. Their camera kits come with Plug and play NVR feature that makes them easier to install even when compared to analogue cameras.

• These cameras exist in a wide variety. It gives you the chance to select any cameras according to your needs.

Hikvision Cameras

• Cost-effectiveness is one of the reasons why you need to switch to these cameras. As much as this brand is known to manufacture top quality security cameras, it does not mean that the products are expensive. The company has managed to produce quality cameras, but still able to maintain the cheap price so that customers will be able to afford them.

• As usual, reliability and durability are some of the major factors that make people go for a product. Hikvision security cameras are no exception because they last long and are very effective. They are faster and durable compared to the traditional analogue cameras.

• There is improved infrared light transmittance in these cameras. You can opt for 2 or 3 megapixel series that all feature coated infrared glass. This is a special feature that brings about the effective light transmittance. It makes the camera better for applications that need high resolution images that you can capture them in environments with low light. This feature also makes Hikivision cameras to be suitable for perimeter intrusion detection.

• Hikivison cameras are also advantageous because one cannot only access the video files, but also view them when you are at a different location. This is possible through mobile apps or remote clouds as long as you have internet connection.

• Compliance according to the required standards is an important aspect. This is why Hikvision cameras are certified and have undergone regulatory compliance. Despite the tight regulations, the company has been able to comply with all the regulations required in the industry in order to produce quality security cameras that you can rely on.

There are several manufacturers of security surveillance cameras today. As such, it is important to choose brands hat are reputable and known to produce quality cameras. Hikvision has established itself as a company that deals with reliable products. The facts about their cameras speak for themselves, all ranging from durability to reliability. Organizations, banks, homes, shopping malls and casinos in Singapore are now using these cameras. Airports and other popular institutions have also not been left behind. Indeed, HIkvision security cameras are all you need to provide high-end security when it is desperately needed.

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